Remodeling an Ugly Duckling, Part 1


As you can see, we’ve been hard at work. Before and After photos will be in the Part II post, so stay tuned!

As anyone who has tackled a home makeover can attest, these projects can take much longer than you initially planned. After two years, I’m finally ready to show off the results of my home renovation. Below is a blog post I wrote which was intended as the first part of a two part renovation series. Part two will be up later this week; until then, enjoy the fresh-faced enthusiasm of someone who wasn’t aware of how hard it is to remove wallpaper.

Buying a home is a huge decision, even for a real estate agent. Is it the right time? What type of home should we buy? What do we “want” and what do we “need”. A new home? A remodeled home? A…fixer upper…?
We decided we wanted a home that we could move right into. However, my fathers words of wisdom kept running through my head… “You want the worst house on the best block” or, in other words, the ugly duckling. The one that needs a little elbow grease. The one that has hot pink carpet, wood paneling galore, and disco glitter ceilings (no joke on the glitter!). The one that will give you the biggest opportunity for investment and bring the biggest value to your life, and I’m not just talking about financial value; lifestyle value (Do you like to cook and would love a big kitchen, or are you an urban farmer and the more dirt available the better?).
We spent a year looking for what we would call home, and our lists and priorities changed frequently. However, from the moment we opened the front door we knew it was what we were looking for. It fit our criteria; size, location, it was the worst house on the best block, and the best part was that we could make it our own. Our very own ugly duckling.
Settlement: Check. Plans drawn up: Check. Materials purchased: Check.
We are ready. Ready to take on this renovation project, to reconstruct it back to it’s original beauty, to make this house our home. However, remodeling a home is not always easy, and it’s not always quick; hence this blog being “part one”. We are opening up our construction diary to the world, sharing the ups and downs and all the oddly great moments in between.
Click here for Part 2!

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