My family and I moved to Mount Airy about 3 weeks ago, and we had a lot of anxiety about leaving South Philadelphia β€” our home for over 10 years. Change is stressful, most of the time. But I felt strongly that this change was inevitable.

About 7 years ago, I took on my first client who wanted to buy a home in Mount Airy. Two years later, my husband and I got married out here. Since then I have been having this growing love affair with the area. My sales increased out here as I learned the lay of the land and the real estate market, and also as many of my contemporaries were making the decision to leave their homes and apartments in or around center city for the tree lines streets, lower price per square footage, beautiful old character filled homes, and general good vibes in the Northwest (mainly Germantown, Mount Airy, and Chestnut Hill). I just felt at home out here and knew one day I would make it my home.

So here we are. And I am already loving it. There are so many reasons, but I will save those for future blog posts. For now, I will just focus on what has been making me happy over the last week. So β€” it’s the dead of winter. Everything in Center City is grey and cold. The snow is gray. The streets are gray. The sky is gray. And then I head home and all of the sudden there are bursts of happy colors everywhere! Houses reflect the sunny personalities of their owners and it brings out the beauty of their architecture. Warms my heart and brightens my day! Winter can’t dull the senses around here.

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  • Knny Weinstein

    I live in Germantown and also love the Northwest neighborhoods of Philly. Love my street (Tulpehocken), the Weavers Way Food Coop, the meditation center on Carpenter Lane, etc. Beats Center City, suburbs, (hugely), even South Philly and West Philly.

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