Should I Sell My House?




The answer is, quite simply, yes. Fresh inventory is severely down in Philadelphia.  Buyers have very little to choose from.  If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, waiting for spring may not be your best move.


Traditionally, sellers have been told that spring and fall are the two times of year to put their homes up for sale.  Granted, these are the seasons when homes are accentuated by their spring gardens, beautiful light, warm breezes, crisp autumn colors and so on.  But in Philly, buyers are always looking to buy regardless of season, so waiting to list this spring (along with the rest of your neighbors) may not be the savvy move for this particular moment in our marketplace.


My suggestion?  List now while the housing stock is stale and your competition is limited.

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  • Wimbledon

    So, you say in any case selling is good? Isn’t this too general conclusion? Can you give some more tips? Thanks.

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